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Anti Ageing Skin Nutrient Facial Oil


Anti Ageing Skin Nutrient Facial Oil


Anti Ageing Skin Nutrient Facial Oil

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After much research into true skin requirements, we selected the most potent and nourishing natural phytonutrients from around the world to give your skin the most loving treatment ever. No single plant oil can cater to all the skin’s needs; each plant oil has a different nutritional profile and in order to cover all the nutritional needs of your skin, Lumity facial oil contains a blend of 32 ingredients, each identified as the best

source of specific nutrients that together provide the full range of optimal care the skin craves. 100% NATURAL.

One principal concern in formulating Lumity Facial Oil was to ensure that it contained only the purest, natural plant oils and extracts with no toxic or synthetic ingredients.

Lumity addresses every skin concern and works on a deeper level with all skin types so that everyone's skin can bloom with health and radiance. 

Apply half a dropper of the facial oil or as much as desired. Use morning and night after cleansing. Inhale deeply as you massage and gently pat into your face and neck and expect your skin to feel replenished, balanced, revitalised and deeply nurtured.

Lumity has a natural affinity with the skin, absorbing easily to profoundly help:

  •  Replenish moisture for supple, smoother skin
  •  Reduce the appearance of signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles
  •  Restore elasticity, radiance and firmness
  •  Reinforce the skin's natural barrier to maintain perfect hydration
  •  Restore balance and youthful condition
  •  Prevent and protect against damage caused by environmental aggressors such as pollution
  •  Promote collagen synthesis to strengthen the skin’s structural matrix
  • Lumity does not contain perfume, instead its fragrance comes exclusively from an infusion of 8 essential oils carefully selected to uplift, indulge, calm, instil confidence and imbue serenity.

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