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These are a few things that HIVE has tried and tested and wants to share


Haneen Al Rayes

HIVE stumbled upon SPIRULI several years ago and we were immediately intrigued as we have tried to make a variety of smoothies with Spirulina which unfortunately never tasted very good (we only add ONE fruit to our smoothies) so this makes adding spirulina tricky.  

Spiruli tastes delicious and is very refreshing it also contains a host of substances which can have a positive effect on the organism resulting in an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Made with pure spring water from Germany, SPIRULI has a fresh, fruity flavour, low calorie value, 100% natural ingredients, is rich with high folic acid it is suitable for diabetics and allergy sufferers.  It will also improves vitamin B12 absorption and meets B12 daily requirement.

... and it is suitable for basic nutrition and is recommended for all age groups, diabetics, gourmets, athletes, and anyone who is stressed! 

The manufacturers claim that in many cases SPIRULI has shown that it can:

• Curb the appetite.

• Stimulate blood circulation.

• Be an immune system booster.

• Have a relaxing and destressing effect.

• Have a detoxing effect in the intestine thanks to natural apple pectin.

• Have a positive effect on the intestinal flora thanks to vegan lactic acid.


Personally we just love the taste but like all things; moderation is KEY! One SPIRULI every so often....especially when we dont have time to make our HIVE skinny AM tea! 

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