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21 Day Holistic Detox starting 11th of March 2019


21 Day Holistic Detox starting 11th of March 2019

Haneen Al Rayes

The most important point about committing to a detox is finding the RIGHT time to start.

A time where you are free of social obligations, where you will dedicate the time for yourself and make the time to prepare for the detox.

Once the time in your schedule is allocated for the detox, start by planning your menu, shop in advance for the ingredients that you will require and rid your pantry of any temptations.

The weekend before starting the detox, prepare the food that you will be having during the week, because it is difficult to find food on the go on the 21 day holistic detox. You can order a green salad (without dressing) a grilled fish, or white fish sashimi in restaurants but quite frankly for us the detox is about controlling the food we consume. So we eat at home as much as possible as we know how the food is prepared.

So to ensure your detox is a success, it is very important to have the food prepared and at hand, grilled chicken, fish or turkey in a glass tuberware ready to place in a green salad, or precooked brown rice, is very handy as are homemade soups and vegetable curries as they will stay good for several days in the fridge. For the times that you are feeling peckish it is good to have cottage cheese, corn cakes, fermented drinks such as Kombucha or kefir.

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