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Haneen Al Rayes

We all start ones but how many of us actually keep our new years resolutions and improve upon them each passing year?

Try simple resolutions - for example promising to go to the gym everyday when you have not set foot the last few years is unrealistic. Consider instead to dedicating each day with a 15-30 minute workout which you can do at home on a mat with minimum equipment

Create a circuit starting with stretches and breathing exercises,, follow with a set of sit ups, and pushups and repeat as many times as you can. If you can manage only five good pushups then start there and work your way up. After completing at least three sets of your exercises and continuing to do so, you will notice that you can manage more reps. Remember the more you do anything the better you get.

Our 20-30 exercises includes:

Pranayama (breathing exercises)

Basic Yoga stretches: Pelvic Tilts, Cat Cow, Downward Facing Do, Mountain Pose, Standing Forward Bend, Lunges, Pigeon Pose

20 push ups

50 sit ups with elastic band (infraband), weight, and / or a gymnastic ball (we use doyoursport_fitness)

10 jack knife with gymnastic ball and infraband

30 side crunches with gymnastic ball and infraband

10 x 6 exercises on the mat for back and shoulder strength

repeat all exercises for 3 - 4 sets

end with a cool down stretch and a meditation.

Another resolution many make is about food or alcohol consumption.

Try committing to a detox even if its for a few days, always start with small steps. We encourage detoxes as they provide us with that push that allows us to cut down. A three day detox will help you reduce your alcohol intake if you tend to drink everyday. It will also allow you to decrease your meat intake. And hopefully you stop thinking of it as a detox and increasing ‘detox’ to five times a week and allowing the weekends to become treat days. You would be surprised as how your body adjusts.

An important resolution we should all commit is some time to ourselves; to reflect, to improve ourselves, be respectful to nature and others who may not share our opinions.