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21 Day Holistic Detox starting 11th of March 2019

Haneen Al Rayes

The most important point about committing to a detox is finding the RIGHT time to start.

A time where you are free of social obligations, where you will dedicate the time for yourself and make the time to prepare for the detox.

Once the time in your schedule is allocated for the detox, start by planning your menu, shop in advance for the ingredients that you will require and rid your pantry of any temptations.

The weekend before starting the detox, prepare the food that you will be having during the week, because it is difficult to find food on the go on the 21 day holistic detox. You can order a green salad (without dressing) a grilled fish, or white fish sashimi in restaurants but quite frankly for us the detox is about controlling the food we consume. So we eat at home as much as possible as we know how the food is prepared.

So to ensure your detox is a success, it is very important to have the food prepared and at hand, grilled chicken, fish or turkey in a glass tuberware ready to place in a green salad, or precooked brown rice, is very handy as are homemade soups and vegetable curries as they will stay good for several days in the fridge. For the times that you are feeling peckish it is good to have cottage cheese, corn cakes, fermented drinks such as Kombucha or kefir.

For more information on the 21 day holistic detox check out or email us for more information at


Haneen Al Rayes

We all start ones but how many of us actually keep our new years resolutions and improve upon them each passing year?

Try simple resolutions - for example promising to go to the gym everyday when you have not set foot the last few years is unrealistic. Consider instead to dedicating each day with a 15-30 minute workout which you can do at home on a mat with minimum equipment

Create a circuit starting with stretches and breathing exercises,, follow with a set of sit ups, and pushups and repeat as many times as you can. If you can manage only five good pushups then start there and work your way up. After completing at least three sets of your exercises and continuing to do so, you will notice that you can manage more reps. Remember the more you do anything the better you get.

Our 20-30 exercises includes:

Pranayama (breathing exercises)

Basic Yoga stretches: Pelvic Tilts, Cat Cow, Downward Facing Do, Mountain Pose, Standing Forward Bend, Lunges, Pigeon Pose

20 push ups

50 sit ups with elastic band (infraband), weight, and / or a gymnastic ball (we use doyoursport_fitness)

10 jack knife with gymnastic ball and infraband

30 side crunches with gymnastic ball and infraband

10 x 6 exercises on the mat for back and shoulder strength

repeat all exercises for 3 - 4 sets

end with a cool down stretch and a meditation.

Another resolution many make is about food or alcohol consumption.

Try committing to a detox even if its for a few days, always start with small steps. We encourage detoxes as they provide us with that push that allows us to cut down. A three day detox will help you reduce your alcohol intake if you tend to drink everyday. It will also allow you to decrease your meat intake. And hopefully you stop thinking of it as a detox and increasing ‘detox’ to five times a week and allowing the weekends to become treat days. You would be surprised as how your body adjusts.

An important resolution we should all commit is some time to ourselves; to reflect, to improve ourselves, be respectful to nature and others who may not share our opinions.

21 Day Holistic Detox starts 19.02.2018

Haneen Al Rayes

Every year the HIVE team, family, friends, and dedicated clients start the 21 Day Holistic Detox based on Dr Joshi's book.  Some do it along with the supplements (available in our shop or directly at The Joshi Clinic in London and their website), if you are interested in learning more about this detox feel free to contact us at, or order the book 'Joshi's Alkine Diet 21 Days For a Healthier Slimmer You for Life' which is also available on amazon or at


HIVE Pilates Mallorca Retreat

Haneen Al Rayes

May 18-21 2017

HIVE is hosting a Pilates Retreat with PilatesZeit in Mallorca.  The retreat will be at a restored finca in the northern part of Mallorca which sleeps 12, has a pool and garden.  Two ayurvedic meals will be included along with a HIVE breakfast of our granolas!  Acupuncture, TCM and ayurvedic massages are also available upon request. Please email for more information

Skinny PM Tea

Haneen Al Rayes

HIVE skinny PM tea is great for digestion and used along Skinny AM tea will aid with weight management (with proper diet) contains cornflower, like, elderflower, hibiscus blossoms, yarrow lemon balm, peppermint leaves and rooibos tea

Joshi 21 Day Holistic Detox

Haneen Al Rayes

The Joshi 21 Day Holistic Detox is HIVE all time favourite and we have been doing it annually without fail for 12 years!  This year the detox starts for the HIVE team on the 13th of February, It is based on eliminating refined, acidic, and allergenic foods such as wheat, potatoes, red meat, alcohol and diary produce. The goal is to alter the PH balance of the body from acid to alkaline which will help flush toxins. 
If your interested send a message and we can supply you with a pamphlet, vitamins and be happy to organise a cooking session.